AR Magazine Carrier

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Our Collective Kydex AR Magazine carrier was designed to fit a majority of M4 style airsoft magazines. The magazine carrier features 2-points of adjustable retention located on the side of the carrier infront of the mag (where the 'bullet' tips would be). 
Adjusting the mag carrier is simple with the use of a phillips head screwdriver to tighten or loosen the carrier to the users desired retention level. This Magazine carrier features a flat bottom which allows the user to index the magazine in either direction. 

Our magazine carrier comes standard with Tactical Tailor Malice Clips that can be applied to any molle webbing or belts. Featuring mounting holes located on both sides of the carrier, it allows the ability to switch mounting platforms or to change the side the user would draw from. The mounting holes will fit Bladetech mounting platforms, Malice Clips, and WARFYTR Cinch Clips. 

Confirmed fitment:
- Stanag mags
- Pmag style 
- Dytac Hexmag
- KWA K120
- ARES Amoeba

Does NOT fit magazine that feature protrusions beyond the magwell such as:
- EMG Lancer Systems style magazines
- Avengers Ribbed magazine
- G&G G26 
- ICS C7 
- King Arms L5

This magazine carrier was intended to be used with m4 style mags only. Use with other magazine styles is at your own risk.